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The Darkness: the story so far.



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S: Introduce yourself.

DB:  Derek Brad Musician Photographer and Music Video Director. 

S: What does it mean to be an "house photographer"?

DB:  "House Photographer" means that I capture photographs for events at a venue.  They use the photographs on their websites and in advertising.

S: In the photo pit you are between the fans and the band: How does it influence your work?

DB: Usually you only get 3 songs upfront between the fans and stage which is termed the "photo pit".  When you up to the stage you can get a lot of personal moments and expressions with each band member. 


S: During live shows, do the musicians care about making the job of the photographers easier?

DB: Unless you are really good friends with the musicians they do not really care about making your job easier. They are their for the fans and I feel that is how it should be anyway.

S: Every artist have her/ his own attitude towards photographers: What is the attitude of The Darkness? 









DB: The Darkness, especially Justin, are very outgoing and entertain with  the photographers but they are really personal with the fans which is awesome. 

I am there to not stand out but to get the personal moments between the crowd and the band.  Awesome band to photograph. 

S: The Darkness' live shows are eventful: Is there any curious episode concerning the photo shoot of the band?






DB: I'm not sure if I quite get this question but with The Darkness they are so entertaining that I do not want to miss a moment so I pay attention the entire performance.

Justin can do anything at anytime.


S: The Darkness live at Trocadero Theatre: What's the moment you enjoyed the most?

DB: I photographed The Darkness twice at the Trocadero now once this year
and one time a year ago.  My favorite moment still has to be the first
time since I was not expecting them to be so awesome.  Justin went around
at the end of the show on his securities back playing his guitar and
giving high fives to the fans.  Then he climbed up to the balcony put his
hands out, paused for a while, and jumped into the crowd, front first.

S: Your favorite photo of The Darkness at Trocadero Theatre is...



My favorite still has to be the balcony jump since it was published around the internet and in a lot of magazines.

It was an unexpected moment and the photograph helped me get a little more known in the industry




S: A "photo pass" is different from a "backstage pass": By the way, have you ever met The Darkness?

DB: yes a photo pass can get you three songs in the "photo pit" then your usually done for the night.  A backstage pass means you can stand side stage and in sections backstage. You do not normally get to bring a professional camera in with just a backstage pass.  Every band and musician can vary on the rules.

No I have never really met the band, yet. 

S: Match one of your photos to one song of the band 



The song "Every Inch Of You"


The Darkness - Every Inch Of You

The Darkness @ Trocadero Theatre by Derek Brad